Commercial BBQ Smokers

by Southern Pride

Are you smoking huge amounts of food? Southern Pride smokers help you do it right with less work and stress. 

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Why Anheuser-Busch Chose Southern Pride

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Get the support you need for the long haul

You won't be on your own with your Southern Pride smoker. 

Just grab the phone and call us any time you have a question or a problem. We've been supporting Southern Pride owners like you for years, and keeping you successful and productive is our passion.  

With some equipment suppliers, every service call is an expensive headache:

  • You wait for someone to show up and decide what part to order.
  • You wait for the part to arrive.
  • You cross your fingers hoping the part will fix the problem when you finally get it.

It shouldn't be that way. When you call us with a problem, we can often diagnose your smoker even before we look at it. And most parts you'll need are already in our big inventory. So odds are good you'll be back up and running on our first visit.


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Genuine BBQ by Southern Pride

Make Bulk Smoking Easy With Southern Pride Equipment

Foodservice pros love Southern Pride products for being reliable and simple. Whether you're running a commercial kitchen, a restaurant, or any other business that needs to smoke lots of food day in and day out, it's hard to go wrong with Southern Pride.

Southern Pride's reputation among professionals comes from a combination of smart choices: 

  • Easy usability cuts stress and simplifies training.
  • Precise controls let you dial in the exact results you want.
  • High-grade parts reduce expensive downtime.
  • Durable materials and good construction let your investment pay for itself over and over.
  • Consistent heat stops surprises.
  • Excellent convection ensures everything in the smoker comes out the same.

Every Southern Pride smoker you buy from us is backed by Smoke'n Dudes' quick, personal service. We'll help you and your team minimize headaches and focus on delivering the great smoked foods your clients and customers expect.

Questions about Southern Pride Smokers?

Call us at 215-603-2508, email us using this contact form, or visit our store in person.

We're caterers who use Southern Pride Smokers ourselves, and we're glad to discuss with you what we've learned.

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