Commercial BBQ Smokers

by Southern Pride

The "industry standard" for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and anyone else who needs a dependable way to smoke large amounts of food. 

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Why Anheuser-Busch Chose Southern Pride

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Smart Reasons to Buy From Us

After you invest in a Southern Pride smoker, who will answer your questions and support you during an emergency? Our team has many years of personal experience with Southern Pride. We're just a quick phone call away and take pride in keeping our customers happy.

Instead of scheduling a service call and waiting for a technician to show up and order a part, then waiting for it to arrive and hoping it's the right part, we can often determine which part you need before we arrive. Not only that, we keep a large variety of parts in stock to get you back up and running quickly.


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Genuine BBQ by Southern Pride

The hallmarks of Southern Pride products have always been simplicity, dependability and design. These smokers are the solution for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and anyone else who needs a dependable, constant way to smoke large amounts of food.

Southern Pride equipment is designed with high-quality components, construction materials and techniques that ensure long service life. The accuracy of their controls, the ease of use, consistent heat, and superior convection, all combine for unmatched performance in the smoking industry.

At Smoke'n Dudes we offer installation, training, and service for Southern Pride so you and your team can focus on what matters most.

Questions about Southern Pride Smokers?

Our family is happy to help. We use Southern Pride Smokers regularly in our catering business and we're happy to pass on what we know to you and help you get started with Southern Pride.

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