Specialty Meats

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Premium Quality Exotic Cuts, Specialty Meats, and High-grade Beef, Pork, and Chicken

We supply Bensalem and the greater Philadelphia, PA area with rare and specialty meats. In our freezer you can find meats like premium pork, beef, and chicken, in addition to our wide variety of rare meats such as Japanese Wagyu, kangaroo, elk, and alligator.

Exotic Meats

What's in the Freezer...

We stock a wide variety of specialty meats, including alligator tail and Wagyu tomahawk and ribeye steaks. Please email us, visit our store, or call us at 215-752-5500 to confirm availability of a certain item.

Inventory list updated December 8, 2022.


  • Choice
  • Full Blood Wagyu MS8-9
  • Full Blood Wagyu MS9+
  • Full Blood Wagyu MS4-5


  • Japanese A5+ Ribeye
  • Wagyu Ribeye MS7+
  • Wagyu Ribeye MS4+
  • Wagyu Teres Major MS6-7
  • Wagyu Teres Major MS7+
  • Wagyu Teres Major MS9+
  • Wagyu Boneless Short Rib MS8-9
  • Wagyu Flat Iron 8oz
  • Wagyu Tri-Tip MS4-5
  • Choice Bone-in Beef Rib
  • NEW: Wagyu Hot Dogs (8-pack)


  • St Louis Rib
  • Duroc Shoulder
  • Duroc Pork Kan Kan Chop
  • Bone-in Pork Chop
  • Prime Boneless Pork Chop 8oz


  • Chicken With Apple and Cranberry
  • Duck With Foie Gras and Sauterne
  • Elk With Apples, Pears, and Port
  • Rabbit
  • Venison
  • Buffalo
  • Pheasant
  • Merquez (Lamb)


  • Leg of Lamb
  • Alligator Tenderloin
  • Moulard Duck Breast
  • Elk Medallions

If you love to entertain and cook up feasts in your backyard, you know that there is nothing that makes you the hero like serving a cut of specialty meat that no one's tried before. It makes your job easier, makes them happier, and gives everyone an unforgettable experience.

We meticulously source our specialty meats from select farms around the world, making us a trusted source of premium selections such as our wagyu steak that we fly in straight from Japan.

If you are looking for the best meats to grill for date night, or are hosting a party that you want to impress, we'll be happy to help you choose your best option.

We've been sourcing and cooking specialty meats for years and looking forward to connecting with you and helping you make meat choices that you can feel good about. 

Visit our store, email us, or call us at 215-752-5500 for more info or to place an order.

"5 stars all around...amazing selection of the best quality meats you can get."

- Ryan Miller, Facebook Recommendation -

Specialty Meats That We Keep In Stock

In addition to the variety of specialty meats that change frequently based on the availability we have a few kinds (listed below) that you can count on being here regularly.

Wagyu Brisket

The intense marbling and aging process of our Wagyu Brisket combine for spectacular richness and flavor unparalleled by your average beef brisket.

St. Louis Style Ribs

We carry high-quality St. Louis style ribs that are selected for quality and weight. Known for their uniformity and flavor, St. Louis cut ribs are a classic suitable for any occasion.

Duroc Pork Butts from Comfrey Farm

Our Certified DUROC heritage pork is crafted in small batches to be nutrient-rich, sustainable and the most succulent you’ve ever tasted. Comfrey Farm Prime Pork is one of only a few pork producers able to offer a USDA, all-natural, Certified DUROC® program.

Trust Comfrey Farm Prime Pork to bring you robust tender meat, brimming with juices.  We produce in small batches for exquisite flavor, integrity, consistency, and traceability.

Specialty Meats

What our customers are saying...

"It was the best brisket I have ever tasted. It was well worth the money for a good quality piece of meat."

- Aaron Cohen, Facebook Recommendation -

"...an amazing cut of wagyu beef brisket that was to die for. The quality of their meat is beyond anything you can get at your local store."

- Phil Forte, Facebook Review -

Competition Meats

If you're a competitor you know that the meat you choose can determine whether you win or lose in a competition. If you aren't using the best meats available, you're starting off with a strong disadvantage.

Here at Smoke'n Dudes we supply competitors and backyard enthusiasts with some of the highest grades of meats from around the world. You'll never find some of these meats at a supermarket, but usually only see them in the smokers of barbecue teams who win the highest awards in competitions across America or in the kitchens of chefs with the most exquisite tastes.

Call us at 215-752-5500 for more info or to place an order.

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Questions About Specialty Meats?

We've been in the barbecue business for years and would be happy to help you find what you're looking for.

Call us at 215-752-5500, email us using this contact form, or visit our store in person.

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