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Visit our store for a full line of barbecue equipment and supplies or browse many of our products here in our online store.

Grilling Accessories, Seasonings, and More...

We carry a nice selection of barbecue rubs, smoking pellets, and grilling accessories and supplies. In addition to these products we also keep a few Meadow Creek Smokers & Grills and Green Mountain Pellet Smokers in stock. 

Visiting our store is a great opportunity to get your hands on these grills before buying, discuss your barbecue needs with us, or stock up on barbecue and grilling supplies.

"Customer service was awesome. Highly recommend going to them. I purchased a Jim Bowie pellet grill. They couldn't do enough to help me. They were amazing."

- William Burkel, Facebook review -

“The staff at Smoke'n Dudes are true BBQ experts! They know their stuff when it comes to smokers, grilling, sauces and rubs- and all things BBQ.”

- Jeneen McHugh -

Competition Meats

Here at our specialty barbecue store we have a freezer full of some of the most sought after and highest grades of meats from around the world. 

Some of this meat here that you'll never find at a supermarket is usually only seen in the smokers of barbecue teams and chefs who win the highest awards in competitions across America.

Meadow Creek Smokers & Grills

Invest in Legacy

Meadow Creek provides a growing line of handmade smokers, pig roasters, grills, and sinks to award-winning chefs, backyard enthusiasts, and food service professionals.

Green Mountain Pellet Grills

The Ultimate Hassle-Free Grilling Experience

Anyone can grill with Green Mountain Grills. You can finally forget the hassle of continually adjusting vents or adding charcoal to find the perfect temperature.

Commercial BBQ Smokers

By Southern Pride

Smokers for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and anyone else who needs a dependable way to smoke large amounts of food. 

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